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The Wisdom of the Aged.

When doctors gave my father 18 months to live he set about writing a series of short essays on a variety of subjects for the benefit of his immediate descendents.
He has taken a scattergun approach to his subject matter.
Some of them are written in an attempt to educate his children and his grandchildren, some are confessional and others are simply his thoughts and opinions.

These offerings have been shared in good old fashioned hard copy, like a kind of snail mail blog, with an ever increasing circle of friends and relatives and friends of relatives, and relatives of friends.
They are eagerly anticipated and highly sought after.

He was invited to take part in a medical trial which was, happily, successful.
He lives on, and his output continues.

It now seems only fair to share the wisdom of the aged with the wider world. Make of them what you will and take from them whatever you want..


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